Animal Character Illustration

Another challenge set by Lisa Bardot’s Character camp was to create unique animal characters.

Here a few that I came up with.

Mr Bear was always a complete gentleman.
Meet Captain Douglas, a most courageous spitfire flying duck.
Mr and Mr Mouse were this years pearly king and queen of the gutter.

Character Camp Illustrations

One of the great things about sharing and learning with other creatives in online communities is you discover new stuff. Whilst taking a SkillShare class I encountered Bardot Brushes. Beautifully designed Procreate brushes, very reasonably priced, created by illustrator Lisa Bardot.

Along with a great selection of brushes Lisa’s site has some amazing resources, including tutorials, prompts and motivational information to encourage daily art-making practices.

Whilst I already draw every day, I’m often in a quandary about what to create and sometimes struggle with using my imagination. So Lisa’s kind of encouragement and inspiration is just what I could do with now and then.

Character Camp is a selection of illustration classes on creating unique characters. I decided to follow along and create my own character.

Max is an 11 year old skater boy who loves rock music and card tricks.

Before creating the character Lisa’s process begins with drawing the character’s clothing and accessories. This is a brilliant technique, it really helped me form a solid visual look and identify his personality traits. And is a great reference when you go on to draw your character in different scenes.

The camp class then challenged you to stage your character with different emotional expressions.


I learnt loads of new tips and tricks following along with all the Character Camp tutorials and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their illustrated characters.


I really enjoy drawing characters and wanted to have a go using Procreate. Inspired by cool fancy dress outfits I sketched out my idea first.

Then outlined it, making sure each line was connected to the last so I could use the fill-colour feature in Procreate.

Here is the final piece. I use flat blocks of colour inside the line work and added shaded detail on a new layer at the end. Finishing it off with a contrasting background to really make them pop.